Your 1st Day Pass

If you're buying a day pass for the first time you'll need to follow our online sign up process.


You'll need to select the date you would like to come to easyGym and provide us with your personal information. This is so we can create an account and give you access to the gym. We'll also create a login for future use so any other day pass can be bought much quicker in the member zone. 


We'll charge your credit or debit card with a single amount for the total number of days you would like to buy a pass for. You can buy multiple day passes in the same transaction if you would like to come more than once.


When your payment has been processed you'll receive a PIN entry code. This code will grant you admission to the gym. You'll need to enter the PIN at the barrier point. 

Getting Started

If you've been a member of a gym before then the setup should be familiar. If you need any help at all please feel free to ask a member of the easyGym team – they'll be wearing orange or black easyGym tops.

Coming Back

We're sure your day at easyGym will be a very enjoyable one. If you'd like to come again or join the easyGym simply visit the member zone, login with your credentials and follow the instructions there. 


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