Burning body fat

Many people come to easyGym to lose weight and burn fat. Losing weight shouldn't be your priority but if you drop body fat and put on lean muscle you can transform your body. Here are our suggestions to shed body fat, look and feel great. 

Calorie deficit is the key to losing fat

Burning fat starts in the kitchen and ends in the gym. You should cut out the bad foods from your diet. While it's not completely clear what is good and bad if you generally stick to organic and natural foods (fruit, vegetables) and cut out the processed foods (pasta, ready meals, chocolate) then you're far more likely to consume fewer calories than your body will burn. When that happens you should start to drop body fat. 

Your body needs energy to function 

Your body needs fuel so it's important to eat enough to keep you going throughout the day and your gym session. Eat a good mixture of healthy fats (eggs, avocado, nuts), complex carbohydrates (vegetables, whole-grains, beans) and proteins (lean meat, eggs, lentils) so your body has the energy it needs. If your body is deprived from energy it will enter a starvation mode conserving energy and burning fewer calories.

Exercise will help make you lean and toned

Exercise will make your body burn additional calories helping you torch through fat and help you achieve that desirable athletic look. If your focus is to burn fat then you could start on the cardio machines. We've got a great selection from recumbent bikes to treadmills and adaptive motion trainers to work your entire body. They'll get your heart rate going but feel comfortable so you can exercise for a long time.

As your fitness improves you should start incorporating resistance work into your routine. One of the best ways to get fantastic results and learn some tricks and techniques is to try one of our PACK45 Workouts – a professionally trained personal trainer will put you through a challenging 45-minute workout. If it's too hard they'll make it easier and if it's too easy they'll make it more challenging. Best of all PACK45 Workouts are free! You can find out more information here. 

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